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NHDAZ 2022 is one for the history books! Students gracefully navigated an ever-changing school and NHD landscape and have a lot to show for it!

Topics on this year’s theme, Debate and Diplomacy in History: Successes, Failures, and Consequences ranged from equal rights struggles, local historical debates, conflict in the Middle East, and even ancient politics! Students promoted to the NHD National Contest will compete virtually in June against thousands of other students from across the country and world! Read more about the NHDAZ contest winners and special awards.

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Upcoming Events

On May 19th at 7pm, we will have a free virtual program in our Ask the Author Series: Narrative and Imagination in Scouting on Two Continents with Dr. Eduardo Obregón Pagán 

Have you heard of the term “Hassayamper”?

According to legend, a “Hassayamper” is someone who tells tall tales, blending fact and fiction into a wonderful story. Please join us in discussion with the esteemed Dr. Eduardo Pagán as he looks at his article “Frederick Russell Burnham as “Hassayamper”: Narrative and Imagination in Scouting on Two Continents.” Looking at Frederick Russell Burnham’s stories and using his expert historical analysis, Pagán walks us through a small part of the history of Territorial Arizona and shows us how historians are also detectives.

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Journal of Arizona History

“Journal of Arizona History” Volume 63, Number 1, Spring 2022

The newest Spring issue of the “Journal of Arizona History” is now on Project MUSE! AHS Members receive free access to the Journal and all past issues. Not a member yet? Join today!



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