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Thank you for your interest in VOLUNTEERING with us!

Come and immerse yourself in Arizona’s History! Bring your passion for volunteering to become a part of the Arizona Historical Society. Join in being a part of our driving force in strengthening Arizona’s communities by promoting history through leadership, partnership, and scholarship.

Established in 1864, the Arizona Historical Society is a State, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. We pride ourselves through our mission to “Connect people through the power of Arizona’s history”.  With every volunteer who chooses to get involved, AHS will be able to take Arizona’s history to our communities with the research and educational programming at each of our museums. Each location has vast and unique historical collections and exhibitions which unveil the historical backgrounds of events and cultures of Arizona’s History.

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For more information about volunteering, please contact: [email protected]



History affects all of us! Do you have a passion for Arizona's history? Are you seeking opportunities to share that passion and share your knowledge, experiences, and skills to make an impact in your community’s history? AHS welcomes you!

The Arizona Historical Society has restored the Volunteer Programming and we welcome you to partner with us as volunteers who are passionate in exploring and sharing Arizona’s history with our communities and our educational systems. The AHS Volunteer Program is now opening up AHS volunteer opportunities across our 3 locations statewide: Flagstaff: Pioneer Museum, Tempe: Arizona Heritage Center, and Tucson: Arizona History Museum.

The recent, yet historical events of 2020 impacted not only Arizona’s history economically, culturally, mentally, but the world’s history. We are all living historians of this era. The pandemic alone impacted each of our lives in a profound way and it rippled across all cultures and communities, shutting down in-person opportunities to serve and volunteer. The Arizona Historical Society has worked diligently to restore the volunteer programming to reconnect Arizona’s people, communities and cultures, by partnering with you to serve alongside AHS in preserving and sharing Arizona’s hiSTORY!

The Arizona Historical Society is a State, non-profit organization, established in 1864. We recognize that your volunteer service is invaluable. As a volunteer, you not only benefit with the tax deduction based on your in-kind service, but you will be able to sharpen your skills, build relationships, and enhance your experiences in sharing Arizona's history with the communities throughout the State as well as with all of the guests and visitors from around the world.

We are excited to welcome you to come and immerse yourself in Arizona's History! Bring your passion for volunteering to join in being a part of the Arizona Historical Society’s Volunteer Program.


Contact AHS Volunteer Programming at [email protected]

The Arizona Historical Society is an Agency of the State of Arizona. Volunteers must apply for the available assignments through Arizona 

Historical Society’s volunteer programming process. Applications for volunteer assignments/opportunities at the AHS Museum locations must be completed through the AHS Announcement Board coming soon.

As the Arizona State Government is an EOE/ADA Reasonable Accommodation Employer, the Volunteers/Interns are monitored by an authorized, State trained employee of AHS. AHS Non-discrimination Policy.pdf



We welcome curious and energetic lovers of history to join our dynamic team. AHS volunteers and interns play significant roles in assisting us to be able to share our immense Arizona historical collections, exhibitions, properties, and robust research and educational programming with the public. 


Volunteering with AHS has multiple benefits. You will experience Arizona history, develop new skills, and engage with and contribute to the communities. All active volunteers receive a 10% discount at museum shops and free admission to the museums. Volunteers also share in and enjoy the camaraderie on field trips, history presentations, and social events and activities.  


The Arizona Historical Society offers Internship opportunities for those seeking to gain valuable, hands-on experience, increase skills and earn college credit. Various tasks range from Oral History Transcription to Library & Archives Projects. You may be assigned to work with artifacts and exhibits, education programs, or sharpen your skills in various general assistance opportunities with AHS. 

2024 Juneteenth Celebration Volunteers

Updated 5/16/24

The Arizona Historical Society is a State Agency. Selected volunteers and interns will complete the annual State required training sessions before being assigned to an event or departmental duty assignment. The training is computer-based training and will be completed through the State’s training platform, TraCorp. The designated Volunteer Coordinator/Trainer will provide the necessary links, conduct the training sessions and be available to assist with any questions.

Required Training:

ADORI100 - Welcome to State Government

CIS001 - Security awareness

LAW1005 - Diversity

LAW1006 - Preventing Inappropriate Behavior and Workplace Harassment

LAW3000 - Standards of Conduct for State Volunteers

PCI0001 - Security Standards on the Phone and Online*

PCI0005 - PCI Security Standards on the Phone and Online (Credit card processing) *

(Note: Additional training will be provided by the supervisor of the assigned department i.e. Guest Experience, Collections, Archives, Education, etc. )

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