Current Openings:

Museum Curator II – Lead – Tucson, AZ

Job ID: 47221

The Arizona Historical Society (AHS) is seeking a qualified Museum Curator II.  As the Museum Curator you will be responsible for working collaboratively with other staff on planning and development of exhibitions, interpretive programming and planning processes for special exhibitions, permanent collections installations, and other museum projects. The Museum Curator will support, research and edits material for publication. Additional responsibilities may include supervising interns/volunteers as needed. Occasionally cover front desk admissions and positively represents the agency and its mission to patrons and the general public.

For more information and to apply, visit https://azstatejobs.azdoa.gov.

Development Assistant – Tempe, AZ (Part-Time)

Job ID: 47184

The Development Assistant will be responsible for identifying and assisting in cultivating donors to secure philanthropic gifts to further the goals and objectives of the Arizona Historical Society Conducts research to identify individuals, corporate and foundation prospects who have the potential to support AHS.

For more information and to apply, visit https://azstatejobs.azdoa.gov.

National History Day Coordinator – Tempe, AZ (Part-Time)

Job ID: 47181

The NHDAZ Coordinator is responsible for the statewide planning, development, implementation and evaluation of the National History Day program in Arizona. The coordinator assists teachers and schools in meeting educational standards by encouraging student participation in portfolio-building and project-based learning activities. With the assistance of AHS staff, the NHDAZ Coordinator works with educators and students to provide a high quality educational experience that promotes an understanding and appreciation for the use of Arizona history. The Coordinator is responsible for administration of the program at the regional and state level, and provides assistance at the national level. The Coordinator works with agency education staff toward increasing participation, improving program quality and assisting in integrating the program into the work of the agency.

For more information and to apply, visit https://azstatejobs.azdoa.gov.

Outreach Coordinator – Tempe, AZ

Job ID: 46734

The Outreach Coordinator will manage all aspects of the Agency’s membership program and assist with social media accounts and routine website updates. Actively promote AHS membership by communicating with potential visitors, members, and donors at events around the State at AHS sites, AHS certified museums, and public events. Promotes the work of AHS to attract new visitors, members and donors. Maintains the computer database used to track membership sales, renewals, and reporting. Develop a coordinated program of regular member communications such as hand-written thank you notes, scheduled renewal notices, and upgrade appeals designed to secure renewals and membership upgrades. Create member surveys, compiling results and supplying this information to the senior leadership team so that it may be used to improve the guest experience.

For more information and to apply, visit https://azstatejobs.azdoa.gov.

Museum Registrar – Tempe, AZ

Job ID: 46768

The Arizona Historical Society is seeking an experienced Museum Registrar to perform a complex combination of tasks involved with the acquisition, accession, deaccession, records management and disposition of the museum’s collections. This includes the creation and maintenance records of artifacts and objects to provide for their legal protection, safety, insurance coverage, and reflects their handling, transportation, control and storage of objects and artifacts.

For more information and to apply, visit https://azstatejobs.azdoa.gov.

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