Museum in a Box

What is the Museum in a Box Curriculum?

The Virtual Museum in a Box Curriculum is a fully online collection of detailed lesson plans and activities. This program uses primary sources from the Arizona Historical Society’s Library and Archives and artifacts collection. Each virtual box incorporates cross-curricular standards. 

  • K-2nd
    • Water: How Water Impacts Humans covers the history of how Arizonans used water throughout time. Learn about how ancient the Hohokam culture used a canal system to farm the desert, and how communities in northern, central, and southern Arizona have adapted the environment to use water.
  • 3rd-5th 
    • The Influence of the Arizona 5Cs takes a deep dive into the influence Arizona’s early economy–climate, citrus, cattle, copper, and cotton–had on the people who call this state home. 
  • Middle school
    • Citizenship in Arizona. Dive into the questions of citizenship in Arizona. Coming soon!

The virtual Museum in a Box program offers teachers multiple lesson plans, student handouts, PowerPoint slides, archival materials, learning objectives, and classroom discussion questions. 

Is There a Cost for Museum in a Box?

The Museum in a Box curriculum is $30. For Title I Schools, email [email protected] to receive a discount.

How Can Educators Access Museum in a Box?

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