Museum in a Box

What is the Museum in a Box Curriculum?

The Virtual Museum in a Box Curriculum is a fully online collection of detailed lesson plans and activities. This program uses primary sources from the Arizona Historical Society’s Library and Archives and artifacts collection. Each virtual box incorporates Arizona’s state standards and is cross-curricular.

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How Can Educators Access Museum in a Box?

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Access Museum in a Box

What to expect when you purchase the Museum in a Box curriculum:

  • Complete lesson plans that include objectives, essential questions, standards, and activities
  • PowerPoint presentation for each lesson plan
  • Interdisciplinary lessons that incorporate science, English language arts, and social studies standards
  • Archival materials and artifacts from the Arizona Historical Society 
  • Additional assistance from the Education Curator


  • Water: How Water Impacts Humans covers the history of how Arizonas used water throughout time. Learn about how ancient Hohokam culture used a canal system to farm the desert, and how communities in northern, central, and southern Arizona have adapted the environment to use water
    • What to expect with this curriculum: vocabulary lists, science and social studies integration, primary source investigation, classroom discussions, and art projects
    • Arizona Standards: K-2.H1.1, VA.CR.2.2c, K-1.G1.1, K.SP2.1, K.SP1.2, K.SP3.1, 1.SP1.2, 1.SP2.1, 2.SP1.2, 2.SP1.3, 2.SP2.1


  • The Influence of the Arizona 5Cs takes a deep dive into the influence Arizona’s early economy–climate, citrus, cattle, copper, and cotton–had on the people who call this state home. 
    • What to expect with this curriculum: vocabulary list, interactive timeline, civics and social studies integration, English language arts standards, archival materials, and artifacts
    • Arizona Standards: 3.SP3.1, 3.SP3.6, 3.E1.1, 4.SP3.2, 4.SP4.1, 5.E4.1, 5.H2.1, 3.W.1, 4.W.1, 5.W.1, 3.E1.1, 3.SP2.1, 4.SP4.3, 4.C2.1, 5.H4.1, 3.W.1, 3.E1.1, 3.E2.1, 3.G3.1, 4.G2.1, 4.SP3.4, 5.SP1.2, 5.SP3.1, 3.E1.1, ​​3.E1.2, 4.E3.1, 5.E4.2, 3.SP1.2, 3.SP3.1, 3.E1.1, 4.SP1.2, 5.SP1.2


    • Women’s Suffrage in Arizona covers women’s fight for voting rights. Learn about the different associations and groups that played an important role in Arizona’s suffrage movement.
      • What to expect with this curriculum: academic reading, object investigation, archival material, and classroom discussions
      • Arizona Standards: 8.H3.2, 7.SP1.1, 8.SP1.2, 8.SP1.4, 6.SP2.1, 6.C2.1, 7.SP4.2, 7.C2.1, 8.C1.3, 6.SP4.2, 7.SP3.1, 7.H2.1, 8.C4.1, 6.SP1.4, 6.SP3.1, 7.SP1.1, 7.SP1.4, 7.H2.1, 8.H3.2
  • Coming Soon!


  • Civil Rights Movements in the 1960s-1970s explores the various civil rights movements in Arizona. 
    • Coming Soon!
Is There a Cost for Museum in a Box?

The Museum in a Box curriculum is $30. For Title I Schools, email [email protected] to receive a discount.

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