About the Research Fellowship
The Arizona Historical Society (AHS) awards short-term research fellowships to visiting scholars for one to three weeks of residency in Arizona. It is expected that fellows spend most of their research time at AHS archives in Tucson and/or Tempe, but up to a third of the residency period may be spent at other archives in the state.

At the end of the project, awardees are expected to submit a 3—5-page report on their research experience. Awardees can apply for research support as needed, but awards will not be given to the same recipient in consecutive years. Applicants working on doctoral dissertations and those at the postdoctoral level are especially encouraged to apply. Applications from international scholars are welcomed. Preference is given to projects that have a high probability of publication in the Journal of Arizona History. Following their research visit, fellows are encouraged to make a presentation about their research as part of AHS’s virtual programming series. Projects involving alternative uses of archival records, such as background research for • multimedia projects, exhibits, and documentary films, are eligible, as are projects that will utilize AHS’s 3-D object collections for research purposes.

Awards range between $500 and $2,000 per project and are intended to defray travel and living expenses and/or other research-related costs.

General Information

AHS Fellowship General Information

AHS 2025 Fellowship Application Instructions

Applications for the 2025 cycle are due November 8, 2024. Please see the application instructions above for information on how to apply.

Congratulations to the 2024 Fellows!

Jaynie Adams, History Engagement Coordinator
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