Staff Directory

Burns, James Executive Director 480.929.0292
Downs, Tawn VP Marketing, Communications & Revenue Enhancement 480.387.5368
Irwin, Susan Vice President Library & Archives 480.387.5353
Kruse, Yanna Vice President Guest Experience 928.782.1841
Peterson, Bill Vice President Collections & Education 928.779.7539
Ponder, Bill Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer 520.617.1162
Turpie, David Vice President Exhibitions and Publications 520.617.1160
Burns, James Executive Director 480.387.5366 Arizona Heritage Center
Ponder, Bill Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer 520.617.1162 Arizona History Museum
Bailey, Todd Special Projects Coordinator 480.387.5365 Arizona Heritage Center
Bittrich, Kim Deputy Operating Officer 520.617.1164 Arizona History Museum
Davis, Mel HR/ Procurement Officer 520.617.1161 Arizona History Museum
Fleck, Robert Development Associate 480.387.5363 Arizona Heritage Center
Gonzales, Eric Statewide Facilities Manager 520.617.1142 Arizona History Museum
Klein, Brandi Accountant 520.617.1163 Arizona History Museum
Limones, Evy Building Maintenance Specialist 928.782.1841 Sanguinetti House Museum and Gardens
Mueller-Martin, Peter Building Maintenance Specialist 520.617.1153 Arizona History Museum
Persidskis, Jan Building Maintenance Specialist 480.387.5351 Arizona Heritage Center
Rogers, Dennis Custodial Crew Supervisor 480.387.5352 Arizona Heritage Center
Urena, Ryan Volunteer Coordinator 928.774.6272 Pioneer Museum
Kruse, Yanna Vice President, Guest Experience, Yuma County Liaison 928.782.1841 Sanguinetti House Museum and Gardens
Lober, Nikki Guest Experience Team Lead, Facility Rentals (Riordan Mansion, Flagstaff) 928.779.4395 Riordan Mansion State Historic Park
Benjamin, Shannon Guest Experience Specialist 928.774.6272 Pioneer Museum
Marley, Elyssa Guest Experience Specialist 520.885.3832 Fort Lowell Museum
Nolan, Megan Guest Experience Specialist 928.779.4395 Riordan Mansion State Historic Park
Tureaud, Jean Guest Experience Specialist 928.782.1841 Sanguinetti House Museum and Gardens
Velasco, Breann Guest Experience Specialist 520.617.1143 Arizona History Museum
Downs, Tawn Vice President, Marketing, Communications, and Revenue Enhancement 480.387.5368 Arizona Heritage Center
Abbott, Robin Graphic Designer 480.387.5354 Arizona Heritage Center
Brownlee, Nicola Museum Store & Facility Rental Coordinator (Arizona History Museum, Tucson) 520.617.1141 Arizona History Museum
Coriell, Shelley Membership & Outreach Coordinator 480.387.5359 Arizona Heritage Center
Hunt, Jenifer Grants Coordinator 480.387.5358 Arizona Heritage Center
McKinion, Debbie Business Development Manager, Facility Rentals (Arizona Heritage Center, Tempe) 480.387.5367 Arizona Heritage Center
Murphy, Marilyn Communications Manager 480.387.5357 Arizona Heritage Center
Membership 480.387.5359
Facility Rentals (Pioneer Museum, Flagstaff) 928-774-6272
Facility Rentals (Riordan Mansion, Flagstaff) 928-779-4395
Facility Rentals (Tempe) 480-387-5367
Facility Rentals (Tucson) 520-617-1141
Facility Rentals (Yuma) 928-782-1841
Peterson, Bill Vice President, Collections & Education 928.779.7539 Pioneer Museum
Adams, Jaynie Museum Education Curator 520.617.1154 Arizona History Museum
Crowe, Doreen Registrar, Tucson 520.617.1175 Arizona History Museum
Norman, Trish Museum Collections Manager 520.617.1179 Arizona History Museum
Samoriski, Nathan Registrar, Tempe 480.387.5350 Arizona Heritage Center
Siskonen, Sacha Museum Educator 928.779.4395 Riordan Mansion State Historic Park Pioneer Museum
Trepanier, Stacey National History Day Coordinator 480.770.4570 Arizona Heritage Center
Turpie, David Vice President, Exhibitions and Publications 520.617.1160 Arizona History Museum
Fajardo, Vanessa Exhibitions Preparator 520.617.1166 Arizona History Museum
Hough, Jill Museum Curator 928.774.6272 Pioneer Museum
Key, Lora Museum Curator and Associate Editor, Journal of Arizona History 520.617.1171 Arizona History Museum
Goodwin, Mike Exhibitions Preparator 480.387.5364 Arizona Heritage Center
Kirchner, Erin Museum Curator 480.387.5361 Arizona Heritage Center
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