Staff Directory

Burns, James Executive Director 480-929-0292
Bittrich, Kim Vice President of Finance and Operations 520-617-1164
Downs, Tawn Vice President Marketing, Communications & Revenue Enhancement 480-387-5368
Kruse, Yanna Vice President Guest Experience 928-782-1841
Ponder, Bill Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer 520-617-1162
Tabah-Percival, Rebekah Vice President Library, Archives, and Collections 480-387-5356
Turpie, David Vice President Education, Exhibitions, and Publications 520-617-1160
Burns, James Executive Director 480-387-5366 Arizona Heritage Center
Ponder, Bill Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer 520-617-1162 Arizona History Museum
Bittrich, Kim Vice President of Finance and Operations 520-617-1164 Arizona History Museum
Bailey, Todd Special Projects Coordinator 480-387-5365 Arizona Heritage Center
Davis, Mel HR/ Procurement Officer 520-617-1161 Arizona History Museum
Fleck, Robert Development Associate 480-387-5363 Arizona Heritage Center
Gonzales, Eric Statewide Facilities Manager 520-617-1142 Arizona History Museum
Klein, Brandi Accountant 520-617-1163 Arizona History Museum
Mueller-Martin, Peter Building Maintenance Specialist 520-617-1153 Arizona History Museum
Persidskis, Jan Building Maintenance Specialist 480-387-5351 Arizona Heritage Center
Rogers, Dennis Custodial Crew Supervisor 480-387-5352 Arizona Heritage Center
Kruse, Yanna Vice President, Guest Experience, Yuma County Liaison 928-782-1841 Sanguinetti House Museum and Gardens
Lober, Nikki Guest Experience Team Lead, Facility Rentals (Riordan Mansion, Flagstaff) 928-779-4395 Riordan Mansion State Historic Park
Benjamin, Shannon Guest Experience Specialist 928-774-6272 Pioneer Museum
Marley, Elyssa Guest Experience Specialist 520-617-1143 Fort Lowell Museum
Downs, Tawn Vice President, Marketing, Communications, and Revenue Enhancement 480-387-5368 Arizona Heritage Center
Abbott, Robin Graphic Designer 480-387-5354 Arizona Heritage Center
Brownlee, Nicola Museum Store & Facility Rental Coordinator (Arizona History Museum, Tucson) 520-617-1141 Arizona History Museum
Coriell, Shelley Membership & Outreach Coordinator 480-387-5359 Arizona Heritage Center
Hunt, Jenifer Grants Coordinator 480-387-5358 Arizona Heritage Center
McKinion, Debbie Business Development Manager, Facility Rentals & Leases (Arizona Heritage Center, Tempe) 480-387-5367 Arizona Heritage Center
Murphy, Marilyn Communications Manager 480-387-5357 Arizona Heritage Center
Membership 480-387-5359
Facility Rentals (Pioneer Museum, Flagstaff) 928-774-6272
Facility Rentals (Riordan Mansion, Flagstaff) 928-779-4395
Facility Rentals (Tempe) 480-387-5367
Facility Rentals (Tucson) 520-617-1141
Facility Rentals (Yuma) 928-782-1841
Turpie, David Vice President, Education, Exhibitions, and Publications 520-617-1160 Arizona History Museum
Fajardo, Vanessa Exhibitions Preparator 520-617-1166 Arizona History Museum
Fleischman, Shannon Museum Curator 480-387-5361 Arizona Heritage Center
Hough, Jill Museum Curator 928-774-6272 Pioneer Museum
Key, Lora Museum Curator and Associate Editor, Journal of Arizona History 520-617-1171 Arizona History Museum
Goodwin, Mike Exhibitions Preparator 480-387-5364 Arizona Heritage Center
Adams, Jaynie Museum Education Curator 520-617-1154 Arizona History Museum
Avery, Allison Museum Education Curator 480-387-5329 Arizona Heritage Center
Siskonen, Sacha Museum Education Curator 928-779-4395 Pioneer Museum
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