BACK MetroCenter: Shopping District in Northwest Phoenix is Preserved

Established in 1973, MetroCenter, a regional shopping district located in northwest Phoenix, was designed by the architectural firm Flatow, Moore, Bryan and Fairburn. Its impressive two-story, enclosed shopping mall was accessible through a massive 7,000-space parking lot and by prominent tenant signage. Boasting its status as one of the largest shopping malls in the United States and the first indoor, air-conditioned mall in the state, MetroCenter offered visitors exceptional shopping, entertainment, and dining options, including an indoor ice-skating rink and airliner-themed restaurant.

Despite the demolition of MetroCenter, it will not disappear completely. Its legacy lives on in the memories of its visitors and the written records that document its unique character. MetroCenter’s presence will continue to be celebrated and preserved, serving as a testament to the significant role it played in shaping the retail landscape of its time. 

Written By: Lyndsay Hertzig

Arizona Historical Society