BACK AHS Postcard Contest Encourages 3rd Graders to Learn More About Arizona History


To help celebrate Arizona’s 111st birthday a  postcard making contest was created for 3rd graders.  Lessons and activities were developed to support teachers’ needs to meet 3rd grade state standards on Arizona history. Over 2,000 students participated, 700 postcard art pieces were scored for creativity, accuracy in art and social studies, and 6 postcards were selected as winners. Winning students earned their class a pizza party, swag bag, and their teachers a year’s membership to the Arizona Historical Society.  

Teachers that participated offered feedback requesting more lessons about Arizona history and our 22 indigenous tribes. We have begun planning additional lessons and activities for the 2024 AHS Postcard Contest and are looking for people or businesses to host pizza parties for winning students. Questions should be directed to Dr. Kristen Rex at [email protected].

Follow our new AHS Postcard Contest Tab for more information in the coming weeks. 

Arizona Historical Society