BACK New Exhibit Comes to the Arizona History Museum

Shaping Arizona is our new exhibit coming to the Arizona History Museum on Tuesday, May 28, 2024. Learn about this unique exhibit directly from AHS Exhibits Supervisor/Curator, Vanessa Fajardo:

What is this exhibit about?
“This exhibit highlights how the state of Arizona gained its current shape and how that influences us today. The land and shape that we know as Arizona has been formed by different negotiations, violent disputes, agreements, and purchases. This exhibit tells that story.”
Why is this exhibit so important?

PC 1000 Tucson General Photo Collection, Places-Douglas-F1 #58732

“I think this exhibit has valuable history and information that visitors to our state and native Arizonans alike may not really know. The ownership and shape of Arizona has changed many times through the years, and it created what we know today.”
What was your favorite part about putting this exhibit together?
“My favorite part is figuring out what photos and objects should be displayed in this exhibit. I love working with our Library & Archives and Collections teams to find pieces that help tell whatever history we are discussing. This exhibit has some fascinating maps, as well as older and more recent artifacts that tell the story of how Arizona has changed through the years.”
Can you tell us about something that will be on display in this exhibit?
“One of my favorite photos in the exhibit is one from our Tucson Library and Archives. It has two men, both standing on opposite sides of a wooden post. The post is the marker of the U.S.-Mexico border, and it is such a fascinating photo of Arizona-Mexico and U.S. history. Visitors to both our Tucson and Tempe museums will eventually be able to see this photo, because this exhibit will also open at the Arizona Heritage Center later in the year. I don’t think we’ve ever had an exhibit available at both locations before, and I’m glad so many people will be able to experience it!”

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