It is strongly suggested that potential authors examine back issues of the Journal, available in many libraries, for examples of style and content. We use the fourteenth edition of The Chicago Manual of Style for matters of style: numbers, capitalization, compound words, punctuation, and documentation. Webster’s Third New International Dictionary is our authority for conventional American usage and spellings. For the Spanish language, we use the Velasquez Dictionary.

Submit all manuscripts on 8-1/2-by-11 inch paper. It is important to double-space all parts of the manuscript, including endnotes and block quotes. Number pages consecutively. An unjustified ragged right margin is easier to read. A typical manuscript runs from sixteen to thirty double-spaced pages, but we do consider longer or shorter essays.

It is helpful to submit a list of available illustrations. We will perform photo research and acquisition, if necessary, and arrange for a cartographer to draw maps.

Contributors to the Journal receive two copies of the issue in which their article appears. Authors may buy extra copies of the issue at a 40% discount. Book reviewers keep the book they review and receive a copy of the issue in which the review appears.

Arizona Historical Society